The projects of the "Kolomna Pastila Museum" and "Museum Factory" are created with the grant assistance of Vladimir Potanin Charity Fund in the contest called "The Changing Museum in a Changing World."

  The Pastila museum is a new type of the museum preserving an immaterial heritage like tastes, smells, ways of life and manner of speaking which are a kind of ephemeral and eluding.

Kolomna Pastila Museum

13a Posadskaya St., Kolomna, Moscow Region, Russia

Kolomna Pastila Museum

Kolomna Pastila Museum was founded in 2009 in the heart of the Kolomnas Posad near the Nicolas church. This place is already eight hundred years old. Every house has its mysteries and legends. Having carefully studied the archives, we restored the manufacturing technology of Kolomna pastila and created a whole collection of disappeared tastes with a special history for each of them. We believe that the revival of the lost tastes of Kolomna pastila regenerates the forgotten fragrances and tastes of Russian history.

Taste a piece of history

Museum Factory

4 Polyanskaya St., Kolomna, Moscow Region, Russia

Museum Factory

September 3rd, 2011 the first Museum Pastila Factory was opened in a former pastila factory of the merchant Peter Karpovich Chuprikov. Here the process of the production of pastila of the XIX century is open. Here you can visit a dramatized tour show and taste some pastila.

An excellent opportunity to visit the Factory

Getting here

The Museum is located in the centre of the historic town of Kolomna, Moscow region.

Address: 13a Posadskaya St., Kolomna, Moscow Region, Russia (map)


Museum and Factory open
daily 10.00 20.00

If you are planning to visit the Kolomna Pastila Museum or the Museum Factory, please call in advance to book a suitable time for your visit, especially if you are planning to visit on a weekend.




300 rubles


250 rubles


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