Kolomna Pastila Museum

The Kolomna Pastila Museum is located in the outhouse of the Suranov merchant family’s former residence.

The Outhouse

This is the home of the Kolomna pastila’s lady of the house. Her drawing room is governed by order and tranquility, broken only by the canarys trills and the old clocks chimes. Inviting guests in for a cup of tea, she offers a variety of pastila and holds leisurely conversations about times gone by. You will hear about how people passed the time in the Kolomna trading quarter during the era of Ivan the Terrible; about the freemasons, who met secretly in the Suranovs drawing room; about Kolomnas ancient orchards and Orthodox Bishop Nikitas marvellous apples; about the treasure found in an antique sideboard; about the Museums famous neighbours – Russian writers Ivan Lazhechnikov and Boris Pilnyak; and, of course, about the Kolomna pastila itself.


The Museum offers a variety of programmes and theatrical performances all year round. You can find more details about these on the Programmes page.

Prices (Rubles)

Adults Children Children under 7 Disabled Visitors World War II Veterans
Guided tour with pastila tasting 300 250 Free
Performance: “Breathe Deeply” 700 350 Free
Performance: Secrets of the Kolomna Trading Quarter or Forgotten Things 1000 500 Free