Museum Factory

Museum Orchard

The Pastila Factory is a whole enterprise. It has its own orchard where special pastila apples are grown – sour with a firm flesh difficult to bite into any earlier than March, an old fruit store and a gardening shop. For sale in the shop you’ll find replicas of antique gardening equipment, books on fruit growing, willow baskets, tissue paper, seedlings, aprons and gloves. In short, everything youll need to cultivate a true Russian garden.

Our gardener Melentiy Kuzmich (a graduate of the Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy) is always on hand to help and share his practical knowledge of apple orchard care, crop storage, packaging and transportation, all drawn from his everyday experiences and old books.

Life in the Factory

At the Factory you will assist in the historic pastila production process alongside confectioner Zakhar Evgrafovich and his assistant Vanya - washing apples in the Reis barrel, removing apple cores with a special corer, preparing and cooking puree in the Zemche pot, whisking pastila paste so it is stiff enough to stand on its own, drying it in a Russian stove and you will, of course, get the chance to meet the owner of the factory himself, Petr Karpovich Chuprikov.

Meanwhile the lady of the house, Liubov Egorovna Chuprikova, will be waiting to receive you in the crimson drawing room to offer you a taste of the pastila youve just made.

Confectionery Shop

As is tradition, there is a confectionery shop in the factory selling every possible type of pastila produced in-house as well as other confectionery such as sweets, Landrins, petit fours, cookies and fruit syrups.

Come to Kolomna and try a taste of history!

Prices (Rubles)

Programme Adults Children Children under 7 Disabled Visitors World War II Veterans
Theatrical tour with pastila tasting 300 250 Free